July 22, 2024

Copy-paste | What awaits Matic - a collapse or record highs?

In November, the MATIC network demonstrated one of the best results in the crypto space, more than doublingincreasing its value compared to the minimum of $ 0.0131, noted in early November.

Such an increase looks especially advantageous against the background of Bitcoin (BTC), which showed a smooth drawdown. As a result, the MATIC/BTC rate was close to reaching historical highs.

However, the price has encountered a resistance area,and the aggressiveness of the previous rally indicates a very high probability that the price will now roll back, feel for support and resume movement from it at a more smooth pace.

Crypto trader @MacnBTC believes that the MATIC rate has almost reached the top.

Copy-paste | What awaits Matic – collapse or record highs?
MATICis close to topping out.

Was hoping to catch a short around 411 sats at “Matic MM magical fib level” but it’s losing momentum early.

Chad coin, no doubt.

One leg left max, watch this as the breakdown will be swift.

Copy-paste | What awaits Matic – collapse or record highs?

According to his forecasts, in the future a couple ofexpects a decline, then another attempt at growth, which will not be able to absorb the previous high, and then the beginning of a rapid decline towards the 240 satoshi mark.

Let's take a closer look at the graphics and try to understand how realistic this scenario is.

Continued via the link: https://beincrypto.ru/chto-zhdet-matic-obval-ili-rekordnye-maksimumy/