July 20, 2024

Copy-paste | Vertcoin has been attacked by 51%

Vertcoin had a 51% attack, its coins were spent twice, and 603 blocks were replaced by an attacker's transactions.

According to Vertcoin's lead maintainer James Lovejoy, there is strong evidence that this attack was carried out using a rented hashrate from Nicehash.
Initially, the attack was detected by inspecting work sent from Nicehash reservoir servers that were submitting work for non-public blocks.

Below is a screenshot of the Nicehash mining software console output showing the operation of the data for the VTC 1253804 block when the height of the public VTC block was 1253800 at the time.

Copy-paste | Vertcoin has been attacked by 51%

As a result, the hackers appear to have made a net loss of 0.06 BTC ($440).up to 0.56 BTC ($4,100).

To be continued at the link https://investlb.com/ru/vertcoin-snova-podvergsya-atake-51/