February 5, 2023

Copy-paste | Trump and Powell discuss everything - except cryptocurrencies

US President Donald Trump met last night with Fed President Jerome Powell. He declared, that during the conversation "all possible" topics were discussed. However, cryptocurrencies were again excluded from the agenda.

Later on her Trump Twitter accountcommented on this unplanned meeting at the White House. He stated that he had discussed various topics with Powell, including “interest rates, negative rates, low inflation, easing policies, strengthening the dollar and its impact on manufacturing, trade with China, the EU, and much more.”

Copy-paste | Trump and Powell discuss everything - except cryptocurrencies
Donald J. Trump ✔ @ realDonaldTrump

Just finished a very good & cordial meeting atthe White House with Jay Powell of the Federal Reserve. Everything was discussed including interest rates, negative interest, low inflation, easing, Dollar strength & its effect on manufacturing, trade with China, E.U. & others, etc.

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According to The Street, according to the resultsThe Fed also issued a statement. The regulator noted that all Powell's statements were fully consistent with his comments made last week during a hearing in Congress.

So, Fed head Powell promised that he and hisFOMC colleagues will implement a monetary policy aimed at supporting maximum employment and stable prices. He also emphasized that all decisions will be made solely on the basis of thoughtful, objective and political analysis-independent analysis.

It is noteworthy that during the meeting the partiesdiscussed China, which recently made a lot of noise, suddenly heading for the "blockchain" of the real economy. Recall that at the end of October, President Xi Jinping made a policy statement on the topic of blockchain. He officially announced the start of a campaign to massively adopt new technologies in all areas of life. In addition, the Central Bank of China has long been actively working on the launch of its own digital currency, which should become an alternative to dollar hegemony.

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