October 1, 2022

Copy-paste | The law on cryptocurrencies will not help Russian business

Second law enactment of digital assets will not be enough to give entrepreneurs space for token experiments.

The fact that the process of passing a law oncrypto assets in Russia dragged on, it is no longer surprising. We started developing the legislation back in 2017, during the so-called hype around everything related to digital tokens and the blockchain. In May last year, the Duma adopted a new version of the draft, which is still being finalized to this day.

Earlier this month, the bill on digitalfinancial assets ”(CFA) made amendments regarding the possible emergence of a cryptocurrency exchange in our country. According to the updated version of the document, a site with the right to sell CFA issued on the basis of foreign law should have a charter capital and net assets of at least 50 million rubles.

Also, severalother adjustments, including the determination of CFA, which in the updated version are called tokens issued by various companies. Previously, they called any rights issued using the blockchain. In any case, the uncertainty in this matter remains high, and the timing of the second reading of the document, as well as its final content, is unknown.

Continuation on the website: https://beincrypto.ru/zakon-o-kriptovalyutah-ne-pomozhet-rossijskomu-biznesu/