April 25, 2024

Copy-paste | The experience of Russian blockchain experts was evaluated abroad

When it comes to the development of blockchain and the expansion of its use in the world, Russia is certainly not in the forefront.mentioned. In our country, distributed registry technology has yet to occupy its niche, and achievements in this area cannot yet be a source of pride.

And this is understandable, because Russia has seriously embarked on the "digital path" not so long ago, although there are certain developments in public administration, business, medicine, etc. still there is already.

Partly the process of mastering and implementing blockchain inthe country is slowed down due to a shortage of qualified specialists, but here too we have potential that should be realized over time, especially since not the highest, but decent earnings in this area should attract greater interest from ambitious young people, who are already looking at educational programs , which are currently offered by Russian universities.

Also, if there is certainty of statusdigital assets in the legal field, the loyalty of our citizens to technology and the cryptocurrencies based on it would help speed up the process of studying the blockchain. But so far there are no visible shifts.

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