December 1, 2022

Copy-paste | Sberbank is not afraid of competition from technology giants

Google, Apple and other high-tech companies are actively developing financial services, but Sberbank He does not see them as a real threat to his business.

Active expansion of companies like AppleAmazon and Google in the financial services industry are gradually blurring the boundaries between the high-tech and financial segments. It would seem that when the search engine offers users to open an account with it, and the manufacturer of phones and software - issues credit cards, it is time for banks to sound the alarm: consumers are about to start switching to new players offering not only financial services, but integration with their innovative services.

Sberbank is not scared

However, Sberbank continues to sleep peacefully, notseeing no threat to his dominant position in the Russian financial services market. According to the company's technical director David Rafalowski, an Apple credit card is just a piece of plastic and a digital wallet. Dig a little deeper, and you will find a regular bank behind it. Goldman Sachs is actually the issuer of Apple cards, as the Cupertino company does not have a banking license. The same applies to the deposits and Google current accounts that will be served by Citi.

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