February 1, 2023

Copy-paste | Russia is only at the beginning of the road to digitalization of agriculture

To speed up the process of implementing blockchain in our country, it is necessary to remove a number of barriers and increase costs.

Blockchain attracts more all over the worldattention of participants in various sectors of the economy and business. The main activity in the development of technology falls on large players, primarily in the financial sector. But as the wide possibilities of the blockchain become apparent, the most carved industries are included in the process of studying and applying distributed registry technology.

Recently, quite high activity inThis direction is observed from agriculture. So, for example, in the state of Colorado since the spring of this year, the initiative to introduce blockchain in the agricultural industry has been studied at the legislative level. In Brazil, a new technology monitors public tenders for government contracts.

In Europe, the German giant Bayer is engagedthe creation of a blockchain system for monitoring agricultural products. In late summer, a platform created for local farmers on the basis of the blockchain was presented in Tatarstan. Earlier in the Republic appeared Digital Agel Agrarium, created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Copy-paste | Russia is only at the beginning of the road to digitalization of agriculture

Altai Territory in the forefront

If we talk about Russia, then a clear leader inmastering innovative technology is the Altai Territory. Almost five years ago, the RESPAK information system was developed here, aimed primarily at automating the broadcasting of state support. To date, the program is used by more than 2 thousand agricultural producers of the region. Following the example of Altai, this project has already been implemented by several other regions of the country, and in 2020 this trend will continue.

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