April 25, 2024

Copy-paste | New cryptocurrency widget reveals real exchange commissions

Our new widget helps combat hidden fees on cryptocurrency exchanges. It clearly showsall costs associated with trading digital assets on major platforms, allowing traders to make informed decisions.

When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, users usually pay attention to factors such as high liquidity, easy-to-use tools, and relatively low fees.

If liquidity and a friendly interface are allmore or less well, then commissions sometimes bring surprises, since many exchanges do not fully disclose information about all fees. As a result, the user pays more than he expected, and often much more than he should.

Reveal hidden commissions

Many traders often consider the explicit fees charged by the exchange, but many exchanges have hidden fees that reduce the profitability of trading on that platform.

One of these hidden fees is the spread.which is essentially the difference between the lowest bid price and the highest bid price on the exchange. Therefore, traders placing market orders on a cryptocurrency exchange with a high spread will receive a lower return on their investment, since buy orders will be executed well above the maximum buy price, while sell orders will be sold well below the lowest sale price.

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