December 1, 2022

Copy-paste | Cryptoexchanges and banks in one boat

Traditional financial companies and cryptocurrency exchanges are subject to the same risk of diversion personal data of customers.

More recently, everyone was discussing a personal leak.BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange data, and here is a new scandal. This time, Alfa Bank turned out to be involved in it - the sixth bank in terms of assets in Russia according to RBC and Forbes.

Alfa Bank customers at risk

An announcement appeared on a specialized forumon the sale of personal data of credit card holders and owners of insurance contracts of Alfa Bank. This was reported by RBC. The seller, who published his offer on October 31, claims that a total of 6500 Alpha customers are available. The free trial contains 13 credit card agreements and ten insurance contracts.

The bank confirmed the leak, however, according toAccording to a representative of Alfa Bank, this is not about thousands, but only about 15 customers whose data turned out to be compromised. The bank also noted that attackers will not be able to steal clients' funds, because the contracts do not contain any information necessary to access the accounts. This information is also confirmed by the RBC editors who downloaded the free version.

However, all credit card agreements,available in the trial version, were concluded in October 2019 and contain relevant information. This means that bank customers may become victims of fraudsters who may contact cardholders and try to steal funds by introducing themselves as a bank employee.

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