March 23, 2023

Copy-paste | Cryptocurrency lit up in the business of counterfeiters

Omsk counterfeiters have launched the sale of fake banknotes through cryptocurrency exchangers.

Autumn aggravation

In October of this year, Omsk unexpectedly floodedcounterfeit banknotes of various denominations. Over the course of several weeks, fakes of very high quality surfaced at several retail outlets at once, Omsk news resource NGS55.RU reports citing information received from employees of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes (OBEP).

For ten months of 2019 in Omsk199 criminal cases under Article 186 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the manufacture or sale of counterfeit money. However, last month, law enforcement agencies recorded an unexpectedly sharp increase in the activity of counterfeiters, which is in no way associated with seasonal fluctuations or other factors affecting this criminal activity. The disclosure in these cases is extremely low. According to experts from the Omsk OECD, new technologies have complicated the already difficult procedure for investigating such crimes.

Copy-paste | Cryptocurrency lit up in the business of counterfeiters

Cryptocurrency in business

Omsk makers of fake notes usenew technologies to maintain anonymity and sell their goods to marketers exclusively through the Internet and purely for cryptocurrency. In particular, a potential buyer visits a specialized online store through the TOR browser to hide his location. TOP uses IP spoofing addresses, redirects and encrypts all traffic, and also blocks all kinds of trackers that track user activity on the Internet. Thus, a buyer of fake thousand-ruble notes from Moscow or St. Petersburg disguises himself as a visitor from the United States or Switzerland.