April 23, 2024

Copy-paste | Chinese blockchain startup prepares for itself personnel in a St. Petersburg university

Chinese cryptocurrency startup NEO opens courses on application development usingblockchain technology at St. Petersburg State University.

The basics of NEO programming

Students from one of the most prestigious universities in St. Petersburg will master the principles and methods of working with blockchain technologies and practice creating smart contracts and applications based on the NEO blockchain.

As part of the course, students will be given lecturesabout the principles of a distributed registry and how to work with the basic components of NEO technology, including cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps).

The course program included topics such as algorithmsconsensus, data storage in a distributed registry, structure and creation of NEO smart contracts, introduction to Neonjs and the principle of operation of NEO wallets, basic architecture of NEO smart contracts, creation of decentralized applications and their deployment in the NEO network.

In addition, students will have access to closedNEO network, where they will have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, creating smart contracts and tasks and modeling cryptocurrency wallets and applications based on NEO.

Continuation: https://beincrypto.ru/kitajskij-blokchejn-startap-gotovit-sebe-kadry-v-piterskom-vuze/