June 18, 2024

Copy-Paste | Bitcoin's yield was 250,000% against 147% for the S&P 500

If you had invested in Bitcoin in 2011, the return on that investment would now be 250,000%. ForIn comparison, the return on investment for the S&P 500 Index over the same period was 147%.

New investment asset class

Indicators of profitability of investments in Bitcoinare significantly ahead of other asset classes, and crypto enthusiasts never tire of emphasizing this. One such enthusiast is Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano), entrepreneur and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. He regularly reminds potential investors of Bitcoin's incomparably high return on investment (ROI) compared to the hottest assets.

Recently, the OnChainFX analytical platformintroduced a new investment calculator. This tool helps users track historical ROI performance across different asset classes. If we analyze the price of Bitcoin for the period from 2011, when BTC cost less than $3, to the present (taking the level of $6,650 as a basis), we will see that the profitability of Bitcoin is an impressive 250,000%.

No traditional asset can boasteven approximate indicators. Let's take for comparison the S&P 500 index, which is a reliable indicator of the performance of the US stock market. In 2011, its value was approximately 1254, and now it is 3110. Accordingly, the ROI coefficient was 147%.

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