February 6, 2023

Copy-paste | Bitcoin inflation versus inflation in Russia: who is who?

Crypto enthusiasts continue to point to high returns and low bitcoin inflation. These Attractive features promise investors reliable protection against investment depreciation. Will Russians be interested in this now?

Who is the most reliable in the world?

Popular cryptanalyst and founder of StandpointResearch Ronnie Moas shared on Twitter his calculations, which prove that bitcoin is a much more reliable means of saving value compared to the US dollar. While Bitcoin's annual inflation rate is around 4%, the buck has lost about half its value over the past 20 years.

Copy-paste | Bitcoin inflation versus inflation in Russia: who is who?
Ronnie [email protected]

Current #bitcoin inflation rate730,000 / 18,150,000 = 4%. More than 70 countries in the World are above 4% w / many> 6%. BTC rate will drop <2.0% in May 2020 #halving, & drop <1.0% by 2024 ... US $ has lost 50% of its value since 1989 ... & the ‘BTC Bears’ ask what is backing $ BTC?

The analyst adds for comparison that in more thanIn 70 countries of the world, inflation exceeds 4%. Moreover, after halving in May 2020, bitcoin inflation will drop below 2%, and by 2024 it will generally fall below 1%. In this regard, Moas recommends everyone to definitely add bitcoins to their investment portfolio.

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