Jul 1, 2022

Conversations with Reptilovich - Part 32: A Corner for Pavel Durov, a SEC Rocket and Nikita Kolmogorov's Intellectual Poverty

Caution, 18+ and low level of political correctness. Persons with increased excitability of the psyche do not read.

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K = Cryptocritic

R = Red Reptilovich


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Cryptocritic: It is funny and sad at the same time. A whole generation has grown up that believes exclusively in media links. Nikita "Gold of the Beard" Kolmogorov turned out to be a typical coder: "give public proofs that Durov can sit" No, bl, in order for Nikita and even as many as 386 people in the chat room to believe me, I have to merge their whole personalities to them and hand over the sources. It is amazing how an encoder can open several IT startups, it seems to be successfully selling / developing them, or whatever it has, and at the same time remain surprisingly dumb in terms of working with sources of information. Really kindergarten. Or narrow mental specialization, if in a scientific way. I won’t be surprised if Kolodogorov quickly becomes not wealthy if he removes “Borodach” from the many-mankind of IT startups.

Red reptilovich: Kindergarten, fact. Believing the media is the apotheosis of industrial. They accustomed the whole 20th century - and accustomed. That's all and die.

Cryptocritic: Yeah. Because if the founder of IT business workers cannot guess that bloggers can also have sources of information - this is a picture of direct degradation. But if a CNN journalist writes "according to our sources, the issue of initiating criminal proceedings against the founder of Telegram is being considered"Nikita will probably immediately run around to fuss and believe. And if the industry blogger - then give proofs, bitch.

That's how smart people seem to pierce the little things, and they can see a naked ass instead of brains. How Yura Gugnin revealed in one well-aimed post that in fact he is an ordinary dumb “typical startup”.

Red reptilovich: Yes, brains are no longer needed.

Cryptocritic: Moreover, even from the logic of judicial disassembly, it is easy to deduce the transition to a criminal case. But for this it is necessary not to cheat the code, but to think, bl.

Red reptilovich: Of course, but the children then think that this is a game.

By the way, they write that Durov is lying to the investigation. This is a big mistake. There they do not like it even more than the fact of the crime itself.

Conversations with Reptilovich - Part 32: A Corner for Pavel Durov, a SEC Rocket and Nikita Kolmogorov's Intellectual Poverty

Cryptocritic: Yes, they’ll drag him with the help of the prosecutor’s office andone department at once on a securities fraud and investment fraud bundle. And this, if desired, is transformed in a decent time. And the desire is already being traced.

In the end, just for tightening the disassembly onI would make a “call to a friend” in the SEC place and transfer the batch to the criminal plane. That the patient was more actively ready to share the dough with the state. This is a bitch, obvious things. But not for coders and startups.

Red reptilovich: SEC is not interested in loot at all.

Cryptocritic: Salvage too. They want to catch large fish and recoup the investigation. There they clearly believe.

Red reptilovich: No, they are interested in the work of the market. Grandmas and the head of Durov is a secondary bonus. But Durov defiantly puts dick on the market.

Cryptocritic: It is true, and when the party people see that there are costs, and the patient breaks down, they will change methods.

Red reptilovich: Exactly.

Cryptocritic: Well, you and I quickly decomposed the situation in five minutes - and smuzychlebs without proofs cannot.

Red reptilovich: When the code in the head instead of brains, then yes, they can not.

By the way, the joke is that the SEC half-cameras often release. If they behave appropriately and do not disrupt the market. SEC protects the market, not the hamster wallet.

Cryptocritic: But patients still pay, hehe. They haven’t released anyone yet.

Red reptilovich: Filing is part of the punishment.

Cryptocritic: SEC generally acts as a law fund. We invested in your flogging, if you please pay off.

Red reptilovich: No, as a regulator. They are not interested in the loot in itself. And first of all, so that the scammers would not interfere with normal offices. Accordingly, horse fines are needed to make unprofitable violations.

Cryptocritic: Naturally. I already wrote about this. They want to be at work strictly from 8 to 17 and exactly five days a week. Hence, the harder you hit, the less work. But they also consider grandmas quite well.

By the way, about money was a case inone movie about Afghanistan. Amer is ambushed. They cover them with machine-gun fire from a separate building. The sergeants are reluctant to smoke a dushman; they roll it out of the anti-tank systems. The problem of the building and the mujahideen is being solved. As a result, comrades yells at them that they are lazy, bitches, they are immediately ready to fuck with an expensive rocket. And the state and taxpayers pay for it.

SEC has a similar approach. If we spend a rocket on you, then there must be profit and sacrifice. Are the victims abutting? Well, let's take a more solid rocket.

Red reptilovich: Yes, but these are methods. And the goal is the work of the market. But the hamster does not understand this, and he has cognitive dissonance. In order to understand this, it is enough to see where the SEC came from and why, but this is a topic for another discussion, how the mafia and scammers lost to official structures in the United States a hundred years ago.

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