June 18, 2024

Conversations with Reptilovich – Part 31: Hydra, MMM and drug investments to relieve liability

Caution, 18+ and low level of political correctness. Persons with increased excitability of the psyche do not read.

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K = Cryptocritic

R = Red Reptilovich


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The drug marketplace Hydra is releasing an investment memorandum and is going to conduct an ICO.

Conversations with Reptilovich - part 31: Hydra, MMM and drug investments to relieve responsibility


Conversations with Reptilovich - part 31: Hydra, MMM and drug investments to relieve responsibility

Conversations with Reptilovich - part 31: Hydra, MMM and drug investments to relieve responsibility


Red reptilovich: Well, it’s not very similar to take off grandmas. They could claim an order of magnitude more and add MLM. On the wiring of organs, too - it is very likely that Hydra smokes tightly with the "office" and so on.

The topic of corporatization, if anything, not aboutgrandmas. But no one understands this almost - so I checked out the plan. The theme of "corporatization is the headstock" ended sometime in the 60s. To the edge of the 70s, few people remember now.

Cryptocritic: Hydra under the "office" as a whole, IMHO.

Red reptilovich: No, no one can have such information. Unless, of course, you are not a co-founder there. There is generally a key point - "under." Who is under whom? It may be vice versa - office under customers from Hydra. And the fact that together they smoke tightly is immediately clear. But here is the relationship there - it’s really interesting. They do not hesitate to write that they use the "office".

Cryptocritic: In these matters, IMHO, the “office” is enoughshrewd. From communication with various kinds of audience, I realized that if office workers see grandmas in the future, then they become very smart and business oriented.

Red reptilovich: Hydra works too well to be sub. More like being with.

Cryptocritic: Hydra, judging by the Lenta.ru advertising article, is generally a very smart business. And Russian business is obliged to learn from her.

Conversations with Reptilovich - part 31: Hydra, MMM and drug investments to relieve responsibility

Red reptilovich: That's why I'm telling you this.I know how to make such systems work. I haven’t read the entire memorandum yet, but these excerpts in your TG channel show that they understand the issues well. Unlike, for example, Durov.

170 lyam for them is not so much money forexit scam. We would like to make a couple of billion. But there is a nuance - for the exit scam of such a project to arrange a worldwide PR is a stupid idea. Such things make quiet a sale or disaster.

Yes, by the way, the larger the amount, the more difficult it is to wash it.

Cryptocritic: But the ICO looks like some fierce game. On the other hand, if you later use slippers and then bring down to Asia or Latin America, then you will not have to try so hard to launder. Look at our mutual acquaintance at the expense of what lives in Tai? Due to clean grandmother chtol? Of course not

Red reptilovich: Once again - I have not read the whole memo yet. But the very idea of ​​ICO in this case looks extremely smart. For those who are in the subject, how such systems work. Why am I saying that I can distinguish those who understand the issue from those who do not. I can, of course, be mistaken - but it will be strange if Hydra, working normally, throws the garbage.

Yes, regarding washing.In Asia or LatAmerica, washing is much more difficult than in the West. And our mutual friend lives as a retired burgher. This is not a wash at all.

Cryptocritic: So, let’s explain about the laundering of these regions.

Red reptilovich: Let’s guess yourself. From a hint.

So: you sleep $$ dil 100 million bucks and come ... Well, let's say in Tai. What will you do and how to wash?

Cryptocritic: By the way, yes, hell knows. Few people speak English, you won’t go to the local office with capital, etc. There is no large and distinct business. As long as you make connections like white or gringos, the shitty mountain of time will pass. England is more profitable.

Red reptilovich: Still worse. Think yourself. The rake lies even more and more clearly. Remember the 90s.

Cryptocritic: Any dude with a bunch of dough at once a target? That is, the question is not to wash, but to survive?

Red reptilovich: Bingo!You fall into heaven like a dick from the sky with a bag of dough. The local gang, including cops, gangsters and oligarchs and officials, are watching all this carefully. A mutual friend of ours will also come to see what kind of bird landed with a bag on his island. Who arrived, what the hell, what to do with him. And live “Korean style” and spend no more than fifty dollars a month…

Fuck then wring out 100 million? Koreiko even had a dream that the regime would collapse and the money would be legalized automatically, but now such a dream doesn’t even draw on fantasy, pure nonsense.

Cryptocritic: That is, for washing you need to move to a civilized country such as the UK. But there, Interpol and the local fingard can happily wait for you. That is, they will still be sanded, but more elegantly and by law.

Red reptilovich: Exactly! And in the same Tae, etc., it is full of informants of Western organs. There, too, they can draw up the law, if that.

Now about the logic of ICO. The bottom line is the blurring of responsibility and political influence. It's one thing when you're just a hell with a bag of money. Or there is the "adinoky apasny Valchara." Another thing is when you are the head of a company of thousands of shareholders or a gang of thousands of fighters.

Cryptocritic: But this is pure OPS. At a distance during this period they will only give much more.

Red reptilovich: They already have life in nearly all jurisdictions. And more than a lifetime. still will not give. But if you have political influence, then options will come to an agreement.

It may look ridiculously beautiful, as inDuring World War II, the US government agreed with the Italian mafia to use its capabilities in Europe. Despite the fact that the mafia was an irreconcilable struggle that did not stop. But they agreed - and both parties used the agreement. Big smart boys know how to do this, convoluted something much more than two. A hamster wedges on such a thing; he does not know how to deal.

In the case of Hydra, this is the right step towards decentralization.. Avoiding Leadership Being a Big Membernetwork. And from this position you can go and work. In general, much more degrees of freedom and power. It’s not worth the price. This is an extremely smart move. Which hamsters do not understand - they jerk off the size of a bag with a dough.

You are seeing something similar with Bitfinex. They seem to be ordinary swindlers, but behind them there are massive numbers of cryptans. And the authorities are already looking at this a little differently. Butaccording to the infe that is visible from Bitfinex, it follows that there are pyramidozniks that accidentally took off. But according to Hydra, it looks like the pros there are much better.

Remark: I consider projects based on available information in terms of their professionalism.

Cryptocritic: That is, like in MMM-2011.To chase not for the core, but for everyone. Which will require resources.

Red reptilovich: Yes! Mavrodi was smart.And he wasn’t hiding in a village where morons run away. And in the center of Moscow. And MMM-2011 did the same for this. Which, by the way, he openly told everyone about. Like, I’m just sitting here announcing courses, and you’re stirring things up there with the whole crowd.

By the way, what I wrote above is goodcriterion to distinguish the layman from those in the subject. The hamster thinks that 100 million is the same as its thousand per month, just 100,000 times more. And what if he drives a Solaris, there is a pound of red caviar a month and lives in a monolith as much as a whole comfort class, then with 100 million he will be the same. Only 100,000 times better. And eat caviar black at 3 pounds a day. Yes, the trouble is: you will not gobble up 3 kilos of caviar even at a time. You will forget everything around.

Therefore, it is very funny to read what people think about the rich. And you can immediately see how many in real life.

Cryptocritic: By the way, and if there is such a version that the “office"can pick up hamsters and then arrange them to get the core out of attack, and at the same time get sticks? That is the distribution of responsibility. But on hamsters, hehe. As ordinary pushers and small dealers, epaulets are regularly rented out. And he got sticks, and passed the annoying trifle.

One thing is clear: Khomyakov should be fucked. But it is not clear how.

Red reptilovich: There are generally many options open - I mentioned earlier that this gives new degrees of freedom. But hamsters can be fucked and so that they began to live better.

Cryptocritic: Well wait. Hamsters fit into the financing of drug trafficking, and potentially terrorism. That is, hamsters make out easily and pleasantly.

Red reptilovich: You again think in the paradigm that fucking isclean pockets and close. And here, it seems, there is a swing on risk sharing. What you wrote above. They create an environment for themselves - at least it looks like that. That is, it’s not clean to collect the hamster and skin it once. And create a full-fledged ecosystem.

Cryptocritic: You did not understand. I am not saying that we must turn in all. On the contrary, as in forex. Gotta give someone to win, hehe. Half will be planted, half will become rich. Who will they look at?

Of course for the rich!The most reasonable hamsters, of course, will fall off due to the fact of landings, but most, that is morons, will remain and will advertise to new morons. Accordingly, there will be an influx of morons. And a constant source of sticks for office workers and their epaulettes. As a result, the core is intact, and under the guise of an OPS, a bunch of morons was merged. And at the same time everyone believes that the sure thing is income. Just not everyone was lucky.

Red reptilovich: These take-offs and landings will already be distributed. The kernel does not work on personal control, but as the first among equals. This is the erosion of responsibility.

Just do decentralized corporatizationit’s difficult - the present, and not the one that cryptans fantasize about. But the very fact that the Hydro residents seem to understand this is already set off. That is, no one needs to be drained. Whoever is weak will merge himself. This is like a franchise.

Cryptocritic: It is immediately clear that I did not read the investment memorandum. There for the hamster only access to reporting. That is dick, not management. Accordingly, they will not let anyone into the higher caste - not a meeting of shareholders, tea. But in view of the ownership of tokens, it will be possible to merge their epaulets to mutual profit. Accordingly, decentralization as in MMM. There is a core, and there are suckers, but with ranks and ranks.

Red reptilovich: Well, how they do it in real life is a question. I judge on the whole by the totality of indirect features.

MMM, by the way, is a bad example. Because the talented Mavrodi did everything on intuition and made a bunch of mistakes. The direction is right, and the implementation is complete shit. But even the direction was enough. Those. You can’t even look at MMM equipment. Only on the idea of ​​implementation.

Cryptocritic: In general, we agree that hamsters will definitely be held responsible, and they will probably be thrown (but not all), but the details of the process are not yet clear. Cooking popcorn, cho.

Red reptilovich: Not! They are trying to create an environment where hamsters will rummage around and spud in their subject themselves. Like a franchise. And there they will swim like sharks. This is clearly visible in the crypt. But there it developed quite spontaneously. And here it looks like a focused project.

Cryptocritic: Like how we once dismantled the pyramids. Marketplace for discounts.

Red reptilovich: But here the goal is not a kid, as in a pyramid. And illegal business. In the pyramid, all the income from the kid, and here the income - from the marginality of sales of prohibited substances. For the hamster, the idea is counterintuitive: they say, why share income. And I explained why above.

Cryptocritic: Risk management. Like in the same article about HR.

Red reptilovich: Which gives us what? Revenue ratios! And in such a business, as it grows, the risk ratio of “being imprisoned for life” tends to 100%. Respectively,from a certain size, you either reduce it or pay it and you really pay a lot for it. Or the coefficient is realized, and they close you and squeeze everything.

Cryptocritic: Logical.The risk of being taken out into the forest and left in a pit does not greatly reduce, but introducing hamsters into the scheme reduces the rate of sending you personally to life imprisonment. In fact, we are talking about the same thing. Respectively,putting hamsters increases the life of the business. This is reminiscent of the introduction of sucker into the escape scheme. In the taiga, you have to eat someone.

Red reptilovich: Rather, the introduction of sucker on the plantation. He has stable food and a roof over his head. Profit for the planter - only bigger and tastier. Goof as a canned food is a one-time project. For suckers steers stability and growth.

Characteristically, the reaction of hamsters is very funny. When they are promised a native on a clear kidka - they trust. Because it is close to them - both fantasy and kidok. And when an offer is rolled out to them that the founder will share half of the income, they see this as a kid. Who will voluntarily give half of the income! What a fool ?!

And in the first case, they do not see the kid at point blank range. And they’ll get tired of protecting electro-senses and the like shit. And in the second they will look for a catch.

This, by the way, is one of the most difficult tasks for hydro workers to solve.

Cryptocritic: On the other hand, they have an extremely loyal flock. On the other hand, the fawn is not in the idea of ​​hamsters for candy wrappers, but that they need investments for some kind of expansion. It looks extremely strange. The hamster can smell it in the ass.

Red reptilovich: So I explain why it is not strange. For example, this is obvious to me. And I was glad that real projects began to appear in the subject - I'm not talking about drug trafficking, of course.

So, the hamster will certainly feel ass, butass shit! Therefore, he joyfully chooses the topic, where there will be a notable explicit kidok. But not topics that look real. But with Hydra it will be interesting to see how it works for them.

I just read their memorandum.They are in the right direction, but they will not overcome the bottlenecks of decentralization of finance and corporatization the first time. But they understand the problems, and this is already 90% of success.The team is clearly present and ideology and understanding the economy pros. And it’s not just the Oitishengs who are stupid - as is usually the case. Which once again tells us thatHydra is much better organized than typical business,and the people sitting there are many times smarter than typical Russian businessmen.

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