March 26, 2023

Consensys reduces staff, divides company

Consensys reduces staff, divides company

Startup Consensys dismisses part of its employees and divides the company's activities into two separate areas. According to an official statement dated February 4, Consensys cuts about 14% of its staff.

The statement said that the company will be divided into two areas. One part will continue to work in the software sector, and the other will be sharpened for venture capital investments.

A company spokesman said reductionswill touch upon the department of human resources, finance and marketing, while the development teams will not be affected. According to him, “restructuring will allow the company to better meet the specialized needs for software development.”

This is not the first Consensys staff reduction. In December 2018, there were rumors of an impending staff reduction of 60%, however, in January 2019, only 13% of the staff were laid off.

Recall that last year, startup Consensys announced the creation of a charity platform in conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

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