January 27, 2023

conference “blockchain for business and the state”

So, ran into this conference. This is the first big confo on the use of blockchain in IT.
The organizers (Waves enterprise) want to make such a conference annually. Boys talk about blockchain technologies, but many companies are afraid to implement commercial solutions for themselves.
It must be shown that the decision of the blockchain leads to economic benefits. There are still many difficulties in introducing blockchain technology.
The business of the company only a couple of years ago began to engage in these technologies.
While there is no motivation for all participants in the chainblockchain, it’s difficult to implement this technology. There is a lot of mistrust in the information that comes from blockchain technology. There is a sense of business that such information is easy to steal, replace, use it.
In general, there is now an awareness of blockchain technology. Already good. Hype blockchain technology has already passed. But this is good.
Now there are informed business decisions with BT.

That's all for now. Then we give conclusions.
Essentially, there was a welcome coffee in the morning withpancakes. Pleased the gift case to the conference participants. Especially because the present was a yearbook for 2020 made of artificial leather, which I was about to buy. Its price is 400-600 rubles.
The population has gathered a lot. I think I won’t get lunch. I’m probably going to my village.

Yours is the same
S. Hamster