December 10, 2023

CoinNinja CEO arrested for money laundering

CoinNinja CEO arrested for money laundering

Coin Ninja CEO and DropBit Wallet Founder Larry Harmon Faces Federal Charges ofconspiracy to launder money and operate a payments business without a FinCEN license.

According to the arrest warrant issued earlier in thisa month, Harmon laundered more than 354,468 BTC (about $ 311 million at that time), and also managed the darknet services Grams and Helix, with which users could transfer funds to the AlphaBay marketplace.

The Helix service made it possible to mix cryptocurrency before the necessary transactions were made.has long been associated with money laundering and other illegal operations. 

Currently Coin Ninja CEOis in custody. He was denied bail because he “has family ties outside the United States” and also “must be subjected to long-term detention if found guilty.”

In connection with the charges, Harmon faces up to 30 yearsImprisonment. 

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