February 9, 2023

Coinbase Custody Will Support Gram Currency

Coinbase Custody Will Support Gram Currency

Largest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announces the launch of custodial support for the future Telegram cryptocurrencies.
In an official statement, the exchange said that Coinbase Custody will support the Gram token (GRM) after its launch.

Coinbase will support secure storageThree tokens - GRM, Sola (SOL) and OXT (OXT). According to the announcement, custodial support will provide autonomous storage and insurance coverage to holders of GRM tokens.

Coinbase Custody is a trust company established and regulated by the New York Financial Supervision Department.

In addition to Coinbase Custody, there are otherscustodians of digital assets - Anchor Labs, Anchorage Trust Company and Anchorage Hold, which announced on October 8 that they would also provide institutional custody of GRM.

However, none of these firms are registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which means that they will not be able to provide their services to customers in New York and some other states.

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