March 25, 2023

Co-founder of Ethereum told why he transferred a large amount to Kraken

Developer Jeffrey Wilke, co-founder of Ethereum, indirectly confirmed that he translated 92 thousand ETH into Bitcoin exchange Kraken. For this he has already been criticized.

Wilke founded a computer game company in the Netherlands. He claims that money is needed to create some kind of game.

Advisor to the Zenith Ventures Foundation Richard Burtonemphasized that some people who did almost nothing for the development of Ethereum received a huge amount of coins. In this, in his opinion, lies the injustice of ICO financing in general.

Barton added that even the plasterer who worked on the walls of the Ethereum team in Zug was now a multi-millionaire.

“I hope you have a good Christmas, Geoffrey. You are one of the reasons why you had to introduce vesting. Wrote one of the first clients [Geth - Editor’s Note], left the project, and now basks in Amsterdam, exhibits Tesla photos and makes games ”- Barton summarized his angry position.

Wilke replied that Barton did not know anything about his life and what he had done.

He emphasized that he was not interested in “neither millions nor billions,” because he did not know how to spend “such a lot of money.”

“I want to work on projects that I like, regardless of their success. And I want a decent education for my son. I'm a bad businessman. ”

We will remind, earlier Vitalik Buterin denied his involvement in this transaction.