June 7, 2023

CME suspends trading in Chicago due to the spread of coronavirus

CME suspends trading in Chicago due to the spread of coronavirus

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has suspended trading in Chicago, including bitcoin derivatives. Decision was adopted in connection with the spread of the coronavirus recognized by the WHO pandemic.

According to CNBC, Chicago Mercantile Exchange- the second company that launched Bitcoin futures in the USA in December 2017 - will suspend trading in Chicago from March 13. CME referred to the need for caution due to the spread of coronavirus.

In January, the world's largest financial exchangeDerivatives CME launched the trading of options on Bitcoin, which on the first day exceeded the volume of similar trading on Bakkt. Yesterday, CME issued a statement explaining the reasons for the suspension of trading:

“In the trading floor or in the Chicago trading buildingno cases of coronavirus were recorded in the ward. However, the opening of trading will occur as additional medical recommendations for coronavirus appear. ”

All 450 CME Chicago Headquarterswill continue to work in the office, while some cryptocurrency exchanges and companies are changing the mode of operation due to the spread of COVID-19. So, the Coinbase exchange and the analytical firm Messari transferred employees to work from home. Blockstack also encourages employees to work remotely.