March 4, 2024

Cisco Patented 5G Blockchain Security System

Californian telecommunications equipment manufacturer Cisco has patented a system based onblockchain designed for use in 5G wireless networks.

According to the application, the system will manage sessionstransferring data between the user device, be it a smartphone or laptop, and virtual networks. That is, it will manage part of the data exchange between the network and the device connected to it via the blockchain, which will make it possible to more efficiently run multiple virtual networks on the same physical infrastructure.

“This architecture supports network sharing,using an isolated set of resources, and can implement individual network functions and services using special programs. At the same time, the launch of such functions and services in one network will not affect services and functions in another, ”the application says.

Cisco has long paid attention to technologydistributed registry. So, in September it was reported that the company, together with the SingularityNET startup, would create a strong artificial intelligence (AGI) based on the blockchain. In February of this year, Cisco launched the Singapore, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity Research Center.