September 21, 2023

Circle Locks 75,000 USDC in Tornado Cash Mixer Wallets

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Circle Locks 75,000 USDC in Tornado Cash Mixer Wallets

Circle was quick to block the wallets of the mixing service Tornado Cash, which were on the sanctions list of the US Treasury Department. These wallets held about 75,000 USDC.

Yesterday, the US Department of the Treasury, on presentationThe Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has added Ethereum addresses associated with the Tornado Cash Mixer to the sanctions list. Since then, Circle has blocked any transactions in USDC from these addresses. Now the owners of these wallets will not be able to withdraw or exchange their stablecoins.

“Circle is a regulated company and compliesall the requirements of the regulator on the sanctions policy. We have reviewed sanctions and blocked OFAC-related addresses associated with Tornado Cash,” Circle said in a statement.

Currently Tornado Cash websitenot available. However, users can access the smart contract directly, or use IPFS. In addition, the GitHub platform blocked the account of one of the co-founders of Tornado Cash, Roman Semenov.