October 2, 2023

Chinese Hebei Provinces Seize Nearly 7,000 ASIC Miners for Bitcoin Mining

The authorities of the Chinese province of Hebei seized 52 transformers and nearly 7,000 specialized devices for Bitcoin mining.

China Central Television reported thatThe police in the Tangshan City District, with the help of the energy department and other government agencies, checked over 70,000 households for energy consumption. In addition to private homes, factories, quarries, retail outlets and communities were tested.

In one of the villages managed to find a privatea transformer that supported the work of 1,906 ASIC miners. The investigation was continued and, as a result, 3 high-power transformers and 790 miners, which operated due to stolen electricity, were seized.

The final result of the audit was the seizure.52 transformers and 6,890 ASIC miners. The authorities said that in the future they will more often carry out such raids, the purpose of which is to eradicate the theft of electricity. Most often, the police receive information from the power plants themselves, which notice a violation of consumption at their sites.

Although the Chinese authorities are legislativelybanned the exchange of cryptocurrencies, mining in the country is in the "gray zone" and is not formally prohibited. Moreover, recently this type of activity was removed from the list of undesirables. The authorities are primarily trying to stop the operation of illegal farms that steal electricity.