March 8, 2021

Chinese crypto horoscope for 2021

Chinese crypto horoscope for 2021

From 12 to 26 February, the New Year is celebrated in China. We congratulate the readers on the fact that the Rat who throughout 2020 she pulled veins out of us, ran away. In the end, she had mercy and allowed the bulls to saddle the bears. She felt who was breathing down the back of her head.

What is a Chinese horoscope?

Legend has it that the Heavenly Lord,The Jade Buddha sent a messenger to earth, who had to choose animals to guard his chambers. The envoy announced the will of the Emperor: the first 12 creatures who get to the palace will receive the privileges and favor of the owner.

But few people know that there was a dirty game in this competition.

The Bull was in the lead in the race. But the Rat, realizing that he was not in time first, jumped into his ear and safely reached the palace itself. And only at the feet of the Buddha jumped forward shouting: "I am the first!"

Since then, it has become customary that the Rat opens a new cycle of 12 years. We think this is unfair.

Therefore, offers its own version of the horoscope and puts the Bull first. Bitcoin appeared just in the year of the Bull, and from that moment the countdown of the crypto calendar begins.

What's next for cryptocurrencies in 2021?

Chinese New Year is the time when activity isAsian stock exchanges calms down and it is time to take a break from fundamental news. Therefore, we decided to dream up the fate of digital money in 2021.

It is believed that the Ox is stingy with gifts and does not favor everyone. He is calm, rational, and is mainly concerned with cleaning the world from the turmoil and panic that the Rat has caused.


The world saw the first BTC block in 2009.The bull took him under his hoof and has been pulling him for 12 years. For Bitcoin, 2021 will be the year of creation. He will receive dividends for all investments in the past 6 years. The main challenge for this cryptocurrency is to stay calm and not succumb to the rat's anxiety.

Motto: "We will slowly eat the grass, go down the mountain and take the whole herd!"


This currency was born in 2010, the year of the Tiger.

The tiger ran to the Buddha second, because it is easyjumped over the river, which delayed the rest of the animals. But now the honorable second place will not save the Tiger from his antagonist. The bull will not trample this coin with its hooves, but it will not let it hunt either. Therefore, NMC will sit quietly and wait until a smaller predator appears in the clearing. You should not expect profitable growth from the namecoin.

Motto: "If you decided to sit out in the bushes - do not stick your head out!"


The Light Coin was introduced in the Year of the Rabbit.

The rabbit could easily overtake the Tiger, but he has legs.Therefore, we had to cross the river, jumping over the stones and heads of other animals. The bull is indifferent to small animals. Can only kick in the butt once to give acceleration, and switch to more important objects.

Therefore, the task of the LTC team is to sniff atopportunities and catch them on every good occasion. This is the time for updates, new developments and optimizations. The best period for growth is the first quarter. At this time, the Bull is busy developing the territory and searching for succulent grass, so the Rabbit can attach itself to his tail.

Motto: "Quantity doesn't always translate into quality!"


It appeared in 2012, the year of the Dragon.

The dragon could be the first to reach the Buddha.But, as often happens, the nobility killed the leader. On the way to the Emperor, he saw a fire in the village and began to cause a saving rain. He put out the fire, scorched his beautiful mustache and got 5th place in the race. The truth is not too upset, because he always revels in his own uniqueness.

An unstable year for all cruise ships, and XRP will have a hard time. If you don't hold the steering wheel firmly, you can go into a steep dive.

The whole year will be like a roller coaster, so the motto will be: “Entering the turbulence zone. Fasten seat belts!"


The dogoin payment system was launched in "snake" 2013.

This animal should not have been in the horoscope.According to legend, Buddha, delighted with the nobility of the Dragon, decided to give the 6th place to his son. But the son was not near. And then the Serpent crawled forward: “I am almost a dragon! Take me!" The emperor did not understand anatomy and genetics and said: “A snake is like a snake. You scaly ones can't be made out! Don't get confused! ”

What awaits the coin that was created asjokes, but did not take the last place in the ranking of the most successful cryptocurrencies? Lots of new features. Dog currency needs to learn how to cooperate with other tokens, and such a collaboration will bring success and recognition, although its creator does not really believe in it.

Motto: "Flexibility is our everything!"


Anonymous cryptocurrency Dash was born in 2014. A dark horse that appeared in the Year of the Horse.

The Bull is jealous of the Horse.He is a heavyweight, and the Horse is light on his feet and does not always sit still. 2021 will be successful for DASH if it demonstrates “horse” qualities: professional activity, sharp breakthroughs, non-standard solutions. But developers should be careful and prudent in order not to crash into the barrier.

Motto: "Keep the distance!"


The ether network was launched in 2015, the year of the Goat. Although Buterin announced its readiness for launch in early 2014.

It is symbolic that, according to legend, the Goat also came to the finish line at the same time as the Horse, but she was well educated, so she stepped aside and said: "I give in to the old ladies!"

The Ox loves the tactful Goat, and therefore the ether should expect many gifts and pleasant surprises. Ethereum forecast says it will be successful.

Motto: “The goat is in the lead in the horse race! "


The coin appeared in 2016, in the year of the Monkey, and in many ways resembles it:

  • copies BTC in the amount of issue (21,000,000);
  • copies DASH in the field of transaction encryption;
  • easy to mine like Litecoin.

Chinese horoscope advises Monkeys notcling to past achievements and deepen your professionalism. ZEC can show strong growth if the team works on the project, and does not let things go by themselves.

Motto: "Save and Increase!"


Justin Sun launched his coin in the Year of the Rooster.

It was difficult for the rooster to get to the Buddha.He cannot fly, he cannot swim, he runs slowly. He was helped by a dog who ferried the bird across the river on its back. It is so similar to the TRX coin: not bad and smart, but in the crypto race I always have to cling to someone.

The horoscope claims that conflicts await Petukhov,misunderstandings and crises. The first half of the year will be full of ups and downs. But if the TRON Foundation team manages to establish communication between themselves and users, then TRX will succeed.

Motto: “You are a Rooster, not a peacock! To battle!"


Eos was born on June 1, 2018, so he is a Dog.Persistent, agile, but just as unpredictable. How did it happen that the slow Rooster appeared near the Buddha before the dog? It's simple: she transported him across the river and decided to swim a little more. Why hurry if you are late anyway?

The first half of the year will be a resource for the Dog.She will receive not only a sugar bone, but also a favorable look from the Bull. But if he begins to rest on his laurels, he will lose everything. Therefore, the EOS team needs to be careful, to save energy and money.

Motto: "Caution does not hurt!"


According to legend, the Cat should have taken the 11th place. But he fell asleep in the sun and did not appear to Buddha. Therefore, the messenger went to earth a second time and met the Pig there, whom he persuaded to go with him.

In 2019, crypto enthusiasts were waiting for the appearance of Libra from Facebook and Gram from Telegram, but fate decreed otherwise. They were replaced by practical and purposeful Pigs - exchange tokens.

One of them is LEO from Bitfinex.The year will be difficult for him, because he took someone else's place. But if the exchange makes every effort to stay in the top ten, then LEO will be successful and a high place in the crypto charts.

Motto: "For a mad pig, obstacles are not terrible!"


The Winklevoss Brothers' FIL kicked off in 2020, so he's the Rat.

In both Chinese folklore and the crypto world, the Rat knows how to take advantage of obvious advantages and does not like to lose. She is cunning, fast and often unprincipled.

But the Bull does not love her because she deceived him. Therefore, filecoin is facing a difficult year. Only fair competition, transparent communication with the community and hard work can save him from collapse.

Motto: "Rat races are not for weaklings!"

And the last thing: there is no Bear in the Chinese horoscope. And that's great. In the Year of the Ox, bears have nothing to do on the crypto market!

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