December 1, 2022

China launches blockchain identification system for smart cities

China launches blockchain identification system for smart cities

China has launched a blockchain-based smart city identification system aimed at improving communication and data exchange between them.

Three people took part in the development of the system.Institute from Shijiazhuang City. Zhang Chao, director of the Research and Development Institute of Technology, one of the developers of the identification system, said that this system was developed independently by China and will be distributed and managed by China independently, with uniform rules, a decentralized repository and crack-resistant code.

China's first pilot project aimed atThe development of smart cities was launched back in 2012. By 2020, the state plans to build at least 100 smart cities. According to Deloitte, to date, about 500 smart city pilot projects have been implemented in China.

The country is actively introducing blockchain technology. Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping publicly supported the technology, saying that the country should take a leading position in its development. Also, China is almost “ready” to launch its national digital currency, the development of which has been ongoing over the past five years.