December 2, 2023

Chicago CME launches Bitcoin options

Chicago CME launches Bitcoin options

CME Group, a popular Chicago-based derivatives trading exchange, has announced plans to launch options to itsBitcoin futures (BTC) in January 2020, while the platform is waiting for the green light from the regulators.

Previously, CME noted that with approvalThe regulatory authorities will launch options for Bitcoin futures in the first quarter of next year, however, according to the latest information, their launch is expected on January 13.

Managing Director and Head of ValuableTim McCourt said to the securities and alternative investments of the company that since the launch of BTC futures at the end of 2017, its clients have expressed “growing interest in options as another way to hedge and trade in the relevant markets”:

“We work closely with customers andindustry to create a reliable and increasingly liquid futures market based on the CME Group. We believe that Bitcoin options will provide our customers with more options and flexibility in managing their risks. ”

The CME said that options for BTC will be indicated in US dollars for BTC, with a tick size of $ 25.

Stock Exchange Doubles Investor Interest in Futuresto bitcoin. In particular, it is noted that this year its average daily volume amounted to 6,500 contracts, respectively, the average volume of trade is equivalent to 32,500 BTC ($ 282 million) per day. To trade this product, over 3,500 individual accounts are registered on the exchange, with almost half of them located outside the United States.