April 23, 2024

Changpen Zhao: China has launched a blockchain race

Changpen Zhao: China has launched a blockchain race

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, said that the recent statement by the Chinese President will lead tothe widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

In an interview for Bloomberg from 15November Zhao announced that Xi Jinping's announcement is the start of an international blockchain race. Recall that this October, the Chinese president announced the need for the country to use the potential of blockchain technology.

Zhao said:

China is pro-tech, so the country willto invest enormously in the development of innovative technology. Given that China has already taken the first step in this direction, other countries simply have no choice but to accelerate the adoption of distributed ledger technology.

In addition, the exchange’s CEO said that the country's positive attitude towards the blockchain will also have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. He added:

We cannot study blockchain and not study cryptocurrencies. In the future, I think, more and more people will understand the principle of digital assets much more deeply.

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