May 25, 2022

Chainlink (LINK) Predicts Big Price Gains This Year

Happy coin news, citing popular crypto strategist Benjamin Cowen, believes that Chainlink (LINK) is on path to growth, despite the disappointing results in the crypto market last year.

In a new interview with analyst Benjamin Cowen, host of the financial education YouTube channel InvestAnswers, he clarified the reasons for his optimism about a decentralized oracle network.

LINK/ETH below 0.008 ($26.25)…when this happens it’s an indicator to buy Chainlink…

It's consolidating a bit now, but I think with the advice of the former Google CEO involved there, Chainlink has only bullish times ahead.

In December, the Chainlink team announced that it had hired former Google CEO Eric Schmidt as an advisor to the project.

The only thing that worries me a little aboutChainlink is inflation. It is a little higher than I would like, but you cannot deny that it is part of all smart contracts in all networks around the world,” the channel host added.

The analyst also shared his forecast forEthereum (ETH) for the next 18 months. He sees no way for any of Ethereum's competitors to move forward significantly, so the leading smart contract platform will reign supreme.

Nothing will happen.Ethereum will not be inferior in market capitalization to any other network, unless, of course, the wheels completely come off. I think this is very unlikely. Ethereum is slow and stable, solid as a rock, and everything works on it.