April 21, 2021

CEX.IO company blog | When can you start entering the cryptocurrency market?

Over the past day, the cost of bitcoin decreased by up to $ 46,300. Two days ago, bitcoin cost $ 52,600 - it was local maximum. As of March 5, the value of bitcoin fluctuates around the $ 48,476 mark.

Yuri Mazur, Head of Data Analysis Departmentinternational crypto broker CEX.IO Broker, spoke about how investments in altcoins can attract investors and what will happen to bitcoin in the near future.

Many investors are scared off by the high cost of bitcoin.In the coming months, there will be a gradual flow of investor assets from bitcoin to ethereum and other altcoins. This will not put additional pressure on the first cryptocurrency, but will make it more restrained.

If Bitcoin continues over the next weekdecline and fixes below the price level of $ 45,000, then the correction is likely to continue and the rate will go below $ 40,000. This moment can be used to enter the market.

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