December 1, 2022

CBR may lift ban on anonymous use of e-wallets

CBR may lift ban on anonymous use of e-wallets

FinTech Association and Qiwi payment service, which is part of it, have proposed to the Russian central bank to refuse from a ban on anonymous replenishment of electronic wallets. New restrictions can be sent under the so-called regulatory guillotine, according to RBC.

They started talking about the launch of the "guillotine" in the Central Bank in September. Within the framework of a project similar to the government one, the regulator will analyze and remove the lost or redundant legal norms.

In the document, the central bank was asked to cancel the identification for individuals during transfers, as well as when replenishing cash in the amount of up to 5 thousand rubles of wallets opened with credit organizations.

FinTech also wants to increase transaction limitswith electronic money. At the moment, users who have passed simplified identification can hold no more than 60 thousand rubles in their accounts and make transactions with a maximum of 200 thousand rubles per month.

“If these issues are resolved, electronic money can become a full-fledged replacement for cash, the most affordable and convenient payment tool”, - said in the press service of Qiwi.

Recall that the Russian Federation Council approved the ban on replenishment of electronic wallets in cash in the summer. New amendments enter into force next year.