February 5, 2023

Casa introduced the PTS inheritance service

Casa introduced the PTS inheritance service

Custodian startup Casa introduced an inheritance service and protocol called Casa Covenant, which allows Users can safely transfer their Bitcoin assets through lawyers.

The company, known for its Bitcoin security keys and Lightning Bitcoin nodes, has introduced a platform that helps users securely transfer their Bitcoin assets.

In a message dated October 16, the company announced the launch of Casa Covenant, the PTS inheritance service.

To make the process as transparent andsafe, Casa spent 10 months creating an inheritance protocol. The company has integrated multi-signature technology with the existing infrastructure of the US legal system.

The inheritance process is simple - it addsoptional sixth key to the Casa multi-signature wallet. Three of the six keys can be used to restore user funds. The 6th key belongs to the lawyer.

Because one of the three recovery keysat the disposal of Casa, the company said that the third “secure key” should be stored in a bank cell under the customer’s name. This will allow the executor of the will to gain access to it by court order and protect him from theft.

Introducing Casa Covenant, a companystated that there are still many problems that need to be addressed. However, the inheritance protocol will avoid the consequences of an unexpected death, as is the case with the QuadrigaCX exchange.