January 27, 2023

Cardano Test Trial Available Now

Cardano Test Trial Available Now

According to an official statement by IOHK, the first phase of testing the update was carried out on the Cardano network Shelley, and now it is available to anyone on the test network.

The testing phase allows IOHK and the community to test the new decentralized solution called Ouroboros before deploying it to the core network.

At the moment, all nodes of the Cardano networkthey are controlled by either the Cardano Foundation or IOHK or Emurgo, however, after the upgrade, the network should achieve “full decentralization”, in which most nodes will be managed by community members.

As previously reported, the Cardano Foundationcollaborates with the Berlin-based blockchain company Konfidio, intending to stimulate the use of blockchain technology in corporations, small and medium enterprises and government.

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