March 31, 2023

Cardano Launches New Scalability Solution

Cardano Launches New Scalability Solution

On March 25, the Ouroboros Hydra scalability protocol was launched on the Cardano network.

According to the developers, protocol significantly increases scalabilitynetwork, and also adds new features - micropayments, voting, insurance contracts and others. The technology was developed for five years and was sponsored by the European Union.

Every user who connects to the networkusing the Hydra solution, it will generate 10 corridors to transmit information and conduct transactions. Thus, as the network grows, the system will become faster, and the delay will decrease.

An experiment at the University of Edinburgh demonstrated that each such Hydra corridor can process around 1,000 transactions per second. The report indicates:

With just 1,000 corridors, the network can theoretically scale to a million transactions per second, which far exceeds the capabilities of modern payment systems such as Visa.

Aggelos Kiyas, director of the blockchain laboratory at the University of Edinburgh, said:

The solution to scalability is sacredBlockchain Grail It is time to implement truly high-quality solutions for blockchain scalability, and this development is a decisive step in the right direction.

Recall that last month in the Cardano network was a hard fork of Ouroboros BFT.

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