July 25, 2021

Calendar overview for today (21 July 2021)

Good afternoon, dear readers, have you noticed that we have recently broken our tradition - to start the day with anecdote. I think it's time to fix it!

- Hi, will you drink? - Today is Wednesday, and now it is 9 am. - Yes, and the grass is green, and the markets are growing, I don't know why you started this listing of obvious facts, well, are you going to drink like that?

Despite the fact that today is the third day ina calendar without special significant events, well, except for the Australians, they can't relax at all, maybe some little creature will bite and that's all, all plans to the wind and lie to you in the morgue, even an anecdote is recalled:

Englishman returning from family vacation in Australia shares

impressions with your friend:

- Wonderful country! Where we lived was everything you could want. Bars for me, beautiful beach for children, sun for my wife and a shark for my mother-in-law.

And so seriously, Australia todayreleased its retail sales figures, confirming that the economy is still far from recovery. As for the rest of the countries, from the reporting side there is dull, like in a tank. The only thing I would like to draw your attention to is the oil reserves, which will be published tonight, thereby providing an opportunity for oil quotes to start their rapid growth!

Calendar overview for today (21 July 2021)

I wish you all a pleasant day!

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