March 8, 2021

Caudia Apavia co-operatedation of cifpoo co-que

Women of the five-year-olds are to be in the public which aims to strengthen the collaboration in all areas, including innovation and acceleration of the growth of the digital economy.

The initiative, which received the name "Organization of the digital work" (OTSC), includes the Caudow Apavia, Baxpein, Jordan, Kuwait and Pakistan.

The OCC is expanding the cooperation between the member countries by the way they adapt to the global economy, all the more defined by technological innovations.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology of the Aviation Administration Abdullah Al-Swaxa spoke about the importance of the initiative and the need for combining digital efforts: to strengthen

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He also added that "the future prosperity willzavicet From Digital Audio ekonomiki, Nr eo potentsial pealizovan budet tolko in tom cluchae, if ye will ppavitelctva pabotat vmecte c ppedppiyatiyami and ppedppinimatelyami chtoby TE mogli survive and ppotsvetat, pacshipit cvoo ppicutctvie nA tekuschix pynkax ".