January 31, 2023

C ++ creator criticizes bitcoin

C ++ creator criticizes bitcoin

Renowned computer scientist Björn Straustrup recently stated that he regrets that Bitcoin was created at using the C ++ programming language that he invented.

He declared:

I will say this - when you create a tool, you do notyou know why they will use it. You are trying to improve it in accordance with its applications, but you do not have control over the tool itself. I am very proud of some things that were created using C ++, however there are things that I would like to prevent. A vivid example of this is Bitcoin mining. Mining takes as much energy as all of Switzerland, in addition, cryptocurrencies are mainly used for criminal purposes.

Straustrup added that a decline in trade is an indication that BTC is no longer attracting new customers. According to him, soon the first cryptocurrency will cease to exist.

It is worth noting that, according to the scientist, blockchain -This is a brilliant invention, however, cryptocurrencies are one of the worst uses for it. According to a recent report prepared by the European Union, Bitcoin remains the preferred method of paying for illegal services in darkweb.

However, not everyone agrees with this position. Recall that recently, state-owned media in China reported that Bitcoin is the most successful blockchain application.

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