August 8, 2022

Bybit exchange overview: MVF share and USDT distribution

Bybit exchange overview: MVF share and USDT distribution

We continue the series of publications on the functionality of the Bybit exchange, and in this article we will talk about stocks “Generous USDT Airdrop”

“Most valuable review” (Bybit MVF) is an exclusive campaign program “Generous USDT Airdrop”. Registered traders will get a chance to become participants in the 500 USDT draw (which will be transferred to the wallet balance on the exchange).

Bybit MVF is one of the four stages of the action Airdrop USDT, which allows Bybit-registered traders to become participants in the 500 USD draw. All you need to do is to send your feedback on the site’s operation via the link.

From the total number of reviews, 10 participants will be selected who, with their useful advice, helped to improve the functionality or optimize the operation of the exchange.

Winners will receive not only a bonus of 500 USDT, but also an invitation to the Bybit MVF private Telegram group, whose members have the following privileges:

  • direct urgent access to support service;
  • Priority in testing new products or new Bybit functionality;
  • the ability to share valuable reviews and earn trading bonuses;
  • access to Bybit research reports.

And this is not a complete list of privileges thatBybit MVF members will receive. Thus, the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange team decided to thank users for valuable feedback that helps to improve and increase work efficiency.

How to take part in the action?

Registration for the first stage of the campaign “Generous USDTAirdrop ”started on April 13, 2020 (pre-registration was available from April 9, its members have already received an additional + 20% to the accrued bonuses).

Whole event Airdrop USDT a bit like a grand dance festival. The first stage of the action is called "Ballet"second - "Waltz"and the fourth - "Tango". At each stage, participants receive different bonuses. At each stage, participants receive different bonuses, well, how not to dance here?

At each stage, a new dance and new tasks!

Detailed conditions of the action can be found on the company's website. We add only that the bonus level of the fourth stage Tango reaches 1000 USDT!

Exchange Contribution to Security

Besides stunning promotions, the mainBybit team's attention is focused on the security of each crypto asset and strict control over the dynamics of internal financial resources. Thanks to this, any movement of funds inside and outside the blockchain has independent lines for operational monitoring and timely response to various types of threats.

For the same purpose, the Bybit developers created the industry-leading system of multi-level "cold wallets", which reduces to zero the threat of theft and hacking.

It should be noted how serious workconducts Bybit to ensure security and increase confidence in the exchange in all areas. At present, Bybit's security investment is about 20%, and in the future it will reach as much as 25-30%. The exchange is firmly convinced that it is worth it and therefore assumes all obligations to compensate for the damage that may be caused to any user’s assets.

You can read more about the exchange itself and other advantages in its functionality in the first part of our Bybit review