April 21, 2024

Bybit exchange holds a contest for traders with a prize fund of 100 BTC

Bybit exchange holds a contest for traders with a prize fund of 100 BTC

The Bybit Games contest is back and even bigger!

On November 18, 2019, registration for the new wave startsTraders' CompetitionsBybit games, calledBTC Brawl. Unlike the previous ones, this promises to bea real spectacle on a global scale. Traders are waiting for a fight for a prize fund of up to 100 BTC, which will be distributed among the winning teams, as well as the best traders!

Prize fund and bonuses — 100 BTC | $50 bonus | 20% discount

Total prize pool, Bybit Games — BTCBrawl Edition can reach 100 BTC, 70% of which will be divided between the 10 winning teams and 30% among individual traders. As part of the commitment, Bybit will donate 5% of the total prize pool to charity.

In addition to the prize fund, participants who join any of the teams will receiveup to $50trading bonus and20%discounts on trade commissions for the duration of the competition.

Individual Prize

  • 10 best traders (including team captains and team members) by individual profitability (profit and loss)
  • Participant's profitability = [Total balance attrading account — (initial trading account balance + deposit made during the tournament) - withdrawal of funds during the tournament] / (initial trading account balance + deposit made during the tournament)
  • Winners will be selected by calculating the total “Realized Profit and Loss” of each participant. This guarantees equal conditions for all participants, regardless of factors such as trading volume.

Bybit exchange holds a contest for traders with a prize fund of 100 BTC


Team Prize

  • 30% of the team prize gets the team captain
  • 20% of the team prize goes to the top 10 traders
  • 50% of the team prize is distributed among the rest of the team
  • Team members who did not open positions for BTC contracts during the tournament are not eligible to claim a share in the prize
  • Winner selection criteria &#8212; average PNL 10 best traders of the team

Bybit exchange holds a contest for traders with a prize fund of 100 BTC


Membership Rules

  • For Traders:Minimum 0.05 BTC on account at the beginning of the competition
  • For Team: At least 10 active members in a team
  • After successful registration on the exchange, participants must visit the event page, select and join their favorite team

Registration:fromNovember 18thbyNovember 282019

Match:cNovember 28ByDecember 13th2019

The official website of the exchange https://www.bybit.com/

Bybit &#8212; this is a trading platformcryptocurrency derivatives, with the highest speed of order matching and 2nd in the world in market liquidity. Currently, products on the platform include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD and EOS/USD perpetual contracts.


  • 10x higher speed of order matching​ &#8212; 100,000 TPS per contract &#8212; no overloads;
  • Gray release updates &#8212; ​patches are released on the fly with no downtime for maintenance;
  • 24/7 personal customer service &#8212; ​via online chat or email;
  • [coming soon] Full Integration with TradingView, 3commas, Tiger trader
  • USDT wallet for hedging and linear contracts
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Coin Exchange ($ 5 per conversion)

More information about Bybit on the official website &#8212; https://bybit.com, and in the official channels of the exchange:

  • Telegram - https://t.me/BybitTradingChat
  • Twitter - https://twitter.com/Bybit_Official
  • LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/bybit-fintech-limited/
  • Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bybitfintech/
  • Medium - https://medium.com/bybit