July 24, 2024

Bugatti Chiron set a new speed record at 490 km / h

Bugatti Chiron set a new speed record at 490 km / h

Bugatti has unveiled the fastest passenger car to date, which can accelerate to 490 km/h, but to do this, engineers had to change the design and strengthen the wheels.

Initially, the Chiron could not achieve itsmaximum, because at speeds of more than 480 km/h the wheels overheated due to strong centrifugal force and a load on the tires of about 7 tons, from which they burst. However, the designers decided not to look for other rubber, but to strengthen the tires and change the design of the vehicle to reduce drag and get rid of the pressureforces on both sides.

As a result of tests at the Volkswagen test siteEhra Lessein in Germany, the pilot managed to accelerate to 490 km/h, setting a new world record. The track itself was ideal for testing, but it took more than five hours to clean it to avoid lifting off the surface at such a speed. Although at the finish line the windshield was covered with smeared insects.

Despite the enormous potential of the Bugatti Chiron,future owners will not be able to fully realize it, since they will set a limit of 440 km / h in cars sold. However, it is unlikely that someone will try to accelerate to this speed, if only because of the lack of a suitable track.

Let's remember that in September Lamborghini presented its first hybrid supercar Sián, which will become the company's most powerful and fastest car.