December 8, 2023

BTCUSD at support level. Long first, then short ??

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BTCUSD at support level. Long first, then short ??

Today BTC dropped to the support level of 31000. I previously wrote about this development optionevents.
What can I say now?!

There is a possibility of a correction to the level of 23500.
Here are three factors in favor of this development:
1. At this mark there is an open gap
2. At this mark is the Fib level 50 (if stretched from the March minimum to the January maximum)
3. There is a downward trend on the watch.

I do not consider this scenario until the price breaks through 31000 and consolidates there.

Now it's best to go to purchases fromsupport. The global upward trend has not yet been canceled. And the level of 30,000 is psychological. I fully admit that there can be serious purchases from this level.

I'm in a deal:
Login 31495
Target: 35,000, then we’ll see if we can break through the correctional trend.
Risk per trade 0.8 percent
The risk/reward is extremely rewarding.

I remind you that I here express my point of view, describe and argue my actions on the stock exchange and do not impose anything on anyone. You are solely responsible for the risks!

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