September 27, 2023

BTC rate breaks $ 10,000 mark in CME Bitcoin Futures Market

BTC rate breaks $ 10,000 mark in CME Bitcoin Futures Market

The volume of bitcoin futures trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CME) at the end of this week rose to the highest marks for the last five months.

The BTC exchange rate on the CME platform exceeded $ 10,000, while the weighted average price of bitcoin on Saturday morning, February 8, is slightly below $ 9,740.

A similar speaker is fixed on the platformBakkt. The latest report from the Skew service said that on February 6, open interest in BTC futures reached $ 13 million, which is higher than the previous record recorded on February 3 ($ 12 million).

On the Chicago Stock Exchange, bitcoin futures trading volume added 34.5%. Institutional investors are the main sources of activity on the CME platform.

According to the most recent data, the Bitcoin rate onThe stock futures market remains above $ 10,000 for contracts with a long completion date. Peak activity values ​​of traders are recorded throughout the last week.

Now the first cryptocurrency is being traded at the highest level since last September. The coin was able to win back up to 40% of losses incurred in the second half of 2019.

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