May 15, 2021

BTC price falls below $ 50,000

BTC price falls below $ 50,000

Since hitting an all-time high, Bitcoin has pulled back 23%.

April 22 bitcoin price for the first time since March fell below $ 50,000.

On April 17, the BTC price collapsed by 20% in a few hours. After this drop, BTC consolidated around $ 55,000, but sellers managed to push through this support level tonight.

BTC price falls below $ 50,000

Gold Beetle and Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff reacted quickly to the news and began to gloat openly. Recall that Schiff's son invested all his money in bitcoin and is now sitting at a loss.

In response to this tweet, Anthony Pompigliano wrote:

Over the past year, BTC has grown by 600%. During this time, gold has grown by 3%. Until the profitability of gold can at least cover inflation, you, Peter, better not tweet anything.

Some users have noticed that the profitability of gold for the period 2011-2021 was 0%.

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