January 22, 2021

BTC price above $ 36,000

BTC price above $ 36,000

Bitcoin's New Year rally continues in 2021 - on January 6, BTC set a new price record.

January 6 bitcoin price continued to rise after plummeting below $ 29,000. At the time of this writing, the maximum on Binance has been set at $ 36,363.

Amid an impressive rally, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization approached the $ 1 trillion mark.

BTC price above $ 36,000

Most Top Cryptocurrencies Supported Growthcryptocurrency flagship. ETH is up 10% in 24 hours, setting a high above $ 1200. Despite its explosive growth, Ether still hasn't reached its all-time high, set in 2018 above $ 1400.

XLM price also broke the record of the last two years, breaking the $ 0.30 mark.

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