June 25, 2024

Hashrate record in the BTC blockchain – network power 113 EH/s

BTC blockchain hash record - network capacity 113 EH / s

Bitcoin miners became more active in the second half of December 2019, the hashrate of the BTC network soared to a newmaximum. On December 21, this figure exceeded 113 exahash per second (EH/s), as evidenced by data from the Blockchain service.

Today, the hash rate is about 109 EH / s, Twitter user Rhythm drew attention to the activation of the miners.

An increase in BTC hashrate is observed atamid a rapid decline in the amount of computing power used to mine blocks in the Litecoin and Bitcoin SV networks. The activity of Ether miners is also rapidly weakening.

Experts attribute this trend to the upcoming May Halving in 2020. The BTC mining reward will drop twice, so miners are already trying to get the maximum number of coins.

The massive shift of miners to bitcoin mining will lead to a sharp increase in the BTC dominance index, observers say. Now this figure is slightly less than 70%.

China still accounts for the highest share of BTC hashrate. However, the Celestial Empire plans to compete in 2020 with Russia and the United States, where BTC production has recently increased sharply.

BTC blockchain hash record - network capacity 113 EH / s