March 4, 2021

Briton offered the city $ 75 million for help in finding 7.5 thousand bitcoins

A Newport resident threw away a hard drive with a digital key from a cryptocurrency wallet in 2013. A device that opens access to assets worth $ 300 million ended up in a landfill. The investor is confident that he can still be found.

A resident of the British city of Newport James Howellsoffered authorities $ 75 million to help locate the hard drive at a local landfill. James Howells reported that in 2013, he threw a device into the trash can that holds the digital key to a cryptocurrency wallet. There are 7.5 thousand bitcoins on it, the value of which at the current exchange rate is about $ 300 million, the local newspaper South Wales Argus reports.

This is not Howells' first request for an entitlementlooking for a hard drive in a landfill. The man was refused several times, the city administration explained that excavation was impossible for legal, economic and environmental reasons. Therefore, this time Howells promised to allocate 25% of the amount in the wallet to the fund for the fight against coronavirus if the hard drive is found. It is not yet known whether the city administration accepted this proposal.

Earlier, another user said thatrestored access to a $ 4 million bitcoin wallet. A student visited relatives for the Christmas holidays and discovered on an old computer a digital key from a wallet containing 127 BTC. He received this cryptocurrency in 2011 for completing simple tasks, such as taking surveys.