July 25, 2021

British police seize $ 250 million in cryptocurrency

British police seize $ 250 million in cryptocurrency

London police have confiscated a record £ 180 million in cryptocurrency.

Within the largest Investigations into the organization of international money laundering, detectives confiscated bitcoins in the amount of £ 180 million ($ 250 million).

It is the UK's largest crypto haul for law enforcement, topping the £ 114m record set last month.

According to a statement by the security forces, the investigatingThe actions were carried out after receiving operational information about the transfer of a large amount received from illegal operations. The police arrested the suspect, but after interrogation released her on bail. The police did not disclose the details of the investigation and the operation.

The detectives believe that the investigation "will continue for several more months, until they identify those who are at the center of this scam."

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