December 5, 2022

British police confiscated $ 250 million in cryptocurrency. This is a record

Metropolitan Police announces largest cryptocurrency seizure in UK history assets with a total value of about £ 180 million ($ 250million). It is believed to be one of the largest such cases in the world and also surpasses the previous £ 114m record set by London police on 24 June.

“Less than a month ago, we successfully seized £ 114 million incryptocurrency, '' said Criminal Police Constable Joe Ryan. “From that moment on, our investigation was complex and large-scale. We have worked hard to track this money and identify crimes with which it may be associated. "

Law enforcers do not provide detailed detailsoperations. It is known to have been carried out by the Economic Crime Department after receiving information about the movement of criminal assets and became part of an ongoing investigation into an international money laundering scheme.

June 24 on suspicion of money laundering by the policea 39-year-old woman was detained and subsequently interrogated in connection with the discovery of £ 180 million in cryptocurrency. She was released on bail. The police intend to continue their investigation over the coming months.

"The proceeds of crime are launderedin various ways, ”said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Graham McNulty. “While cash continues to reign in the criminal world, as digital platforms evolve, we increasingly see the use of cryptocurrencies by organized crime to launder their dirty money. It was rather unexplored territory a few years ago, but now we have highly trained officers and specialized units working hard to stay one step ahead of those using the proceeds of crime. "