June 15, 2021

British farmer uses dung for mining Ethereum

British farmer uses dung for mining Ethereum

A farmer from the British county of Denbighshire Philip Hughes extracts cryptocurrency using electricity, obtained from the processing of cow dung. It is reported by the BBC.

With the help of a methane fermentation apparatus, the releasedduring the decomposition of waste, gas is burned and transformed into electricity. A third of the electricity generated is used to power video cards. The rest goes to the needs of the farm itself.

Philip Hughes also leases renewablesenergy for rent. The bulk of the mining equipment housed on the farm belongs to Easy Crypto Hunter manager Josh Riddett. Each rig is equipped with “many powerful computer graphics cards” at a cost of around £ 18,000 (over $ 25,000), he said.

Hughes rated his Ethereum mining income as "good."

“It depends a lot on what day you ask the question,” he added, pointing out the volatility of the coin.

If the asset's price drops significantly, the farmer plans to channel the processing power of the equipment to other uses.

Mining of cryptocurrencies on renewable energy sources has become a trend in recent months.

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