Jul 1, 2022

Brave Started Collaborating With BitFlower

Japan's largest Bitflower cryptocurrency has begun to collaborate with the Brave Confidential Browser, which has its own cryptocurrency BAT.

The company’s partnership leads to the development of a crypto-maker for use of the Brave browser. In addition, this alliance will help Brave step out of one of the fastest growing marketplaces in Japan.

“Brave is a browser with BAT tokens, whichIt blocks advertising and allows you to receive tokens for viewing ads. We will consider it as a new concept that demonstrates the potential of the currency ... We want people to be more familiar with the free blog. ”

Brave users are encouraged by Basic TokensAttention Token (BAT), however, because of the limited Japanese restrictions on Japanese users, Brave is awarded Basic Attention Points. The point is that Japanese rules prohibit citizens from earning currencies, which can be directly exchanged for money. Developing a chip machine can change the situation and make it possible to receive BAT. It is possible that BitFluer and Brave will also run a compatible marketing campaign that increases the awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Over the past few months, several Japanese crypto-exchanges have added BAT tokens for trade, and, notably, a good point for crypto-assets.